Post New Year post.

Hi again, em I still tak puas so I have to write more and more, haha look I've been writing, reporting and recording events of my life since 2008 in this blog, and look as I grow older I seldomly write about me myself and I, so that explains why I keep losing myself in the middle of everything. Writing is like talking to myself, so for me it is considered as self-therapy. Loooook, I dont want to be kacang melupakan kulit but I actually only wrote 7 posts on 2013? That is unforgivable Maria! No wonder you're lost these days. Ever since the day when they chanted "Happy New Year" in welcoming 2014, I've been a bit moody thinking that I am no longer teenager, for these past year I celebrated my birthday with that magical 'teen' spell, (Seven-teen, eight-teen, nine-teen) and they are all sweet-x-teen. But not this year, noooooo. Can I just pretend im twen-teen, hm it sounds not bad after all. The fact that Im entering adulthood is ridiculous. People started to change to be more mature in they way they speak, walk, interact, eat — just in everything. Im still in the middle of searching my character, searching myself and getting what is right or wrong. But I will never again lose myself, not this year. I wrote my resolutions in my diary (Well I do have diary, so what?) but not going to share everything, just few. Im planning to get good grades on every exams, and plan to be more mature and positive thinker. Heh, i dont have any special resolutions, just very common ones. All along, I hope 2014 will be fantastic, Inshaallah. Mwah have a great day everyone.

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