I decided to write more here, well in order for my family members (who keep tracking me on social networks) to stalk my university life, so here it is, lol. Well as you all know Im having soft spots in both equine and elephants. 

Meet Mr. Kicap everybody! My favorite! Our first meeting was a bit nerve-wrecking, because I was extremely scared to meet this strong built fella that very huge, my heart was beating incredibly fast. Lol I may sound cheesy but at that moment, I fell in love with this fella, i can feel the chemistry when we look into each other eyes. It sounds so geeky, lol it does. Okay whatever, I was mesmerized with those big black-brownish eyes that stare into my soul. For me horses are elegant, and I wish to be a horse-whisperer, and of course I still dont have any pictures taken with elephant but I will. . .one day, and Im looking forward that day. 

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