First post of 2014

I've been away for awhile now, because finally I have time to actually write something here. I found myself to be so awkward when I read back all my posts here. Anyways, Im back and ready to tell whatever I should tell you. Im currently finished with my first semester of veterinary medicine and now having a relaxing semester break with friends and family. Well I didnt go far for holidays because I need to save some for my practical, tehee, will be heading to Pulau Orang Utan, in Perak on February 2nd. And a week after my practical, I will straight away register myself for the second semester. That is the reason why every penny counts. LOL. Whatever it may be, I'll just look forward to it, positively.
Anyways last-last-last Thursday, I went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil to witness myself the greatness of our powerful one and only badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei! To my surprise that was his very last game and dont you think Im fortunate enough to finally being able to attend his final game! Kudos man, KUDOS! 

And yeah of course victory was Chong Wei's, he defeated Du Pengyu from China. Nice game nice people and I had a very nice Friday. 

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