Vetsport 2014, I couldnt ask for more because what I currently have, is a blessing. 



SPCA, Ampang

It was another blazing hot Thursday, we went to Ampang to come and visit these unfortunate canines and felines. We volunteered ourselves to take care of their welfare for a day. It was pretty amazing to see how they tried real hard to get your attentions, and most of them are playful enough to make you sweat. For your information, these animals got abandoned or rescued are now safely situated in SPCA Ampang, waiting for you to adopt them anytime! Most of them got spayed and castrated by veterinarian already, so they'll surely be the most loyal companion friend for you. Just perfect. All along, you are highly recommended to adopt any felines or canines in animal shelter. Anyways, I had a great day volunteering with my comrades and the feelings? Fantastic! Crossing one of my wishlists!


Post New Year post.

Hi again, em I still tak puas so I have to write more and more, haha look I've been writing, reporting and recording events of my life since 2008 in this blog, and look as I grow older I seldomly write about me myself and I, so that explains why I keep losing myself in the middle of everything. Writing is like talking to myself, so for me it is considered as self-therapy. Loooook, I dont want to be kacang melupakan kulit but I actually only wrote 7 posts on 2013? That is unforgivable Maria! No wonder you're lost these days. Ever since the day when they chanted "Happy New Year" in welcoming 2014, I've been a bit moody thinking that I am no longer teenager, for these past year I celebrated my birthday with that magical 'teen' spell, (Seven-teen, eight-teen, nine-teen) and they are all sweet-x-teen. But not this year, noooooo. Can I just pretend im twen-teen, hm it sounds not bad after all. The fact that Im entering adulthood is ridiculous. People started to change to be more mature in they way they speak, walk, interact, eat — just in everything. Im still in the middle of searching my character, searching myself and getting what is right or wrong. But I will never again lose myself, not this year. I wrote my resolutions in my diary (Well I do have diary, so what?) but not going to share everything, just few. Im planning to get good grades on every exams, and plan to be more mature and positive thinker. Heh, i dont have any special resolutions, just very common ones. All along, I hope 2014 will be fantastic, Inshaallah. Mwah have a great day everyone.


I decided to write more here, well in order for my family members (who keep tracking me on social networks) to stalk my university life, so here it is, lol. Well as you all know Im having soft spots in both equine and elephants. 

Meet Mr. Kicap everybody! My favorite! Our first meeting was a bit nerve-wrecking, because I was extremely scared to meet this strong built fella that very huge, my heart was beating incredibly fast. Lol I may sound cheesy but at that moment, I fell in love with this fella, i can feel the chemistry when we look into each other eyes. It sounds so geeky, lol it does. Okay whatever, I was mesmerized with those big black-brownish eyes that stare into my soul. For me horses are elegant, and I wish to be a horse-whisperer, and of course I still dont have any pictures taken with elephant but I will. . .one day, and Im looking forward that day. 

First post of 2014

I've been away for awhile now, because finally I have time to actually write something here. I found myself to be so awkward when I read back all my posts here. Anyways, Im back and ready to tell whatever I should tell you. Im currently finished with my first semester of veterinary medicine and now having a relaxing semester break with friends and family. Well I didnt go far for holidays because I need to save some for my practical, tehee, will be heading to Pulau Orang Utan, in Perak on February 2nd. And a week after my practical, I will straight away register myself for the second semester. That is the reason why every penny counts. LOL. Whatever it may be, I'll just look forward to it, positively.
Anyways last-last-last Thursday, I went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil to witness myself the greatness of our powerful one and only badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei! To my surprise that was his very last game and dont you think Im fortunate enough to finally being able to attend his final game! Kudos man, KUDOS! 

And yeah of course victory was Chong Wei's, he defeated Du Pengyu from China. Nice game nice people and I had a very nice Friday.