Hong Kong Travelog (Tips and Tricks)

Hello there, I've been to Hong Kong for 4 days. All along, I've gathered many useful tricks for those who wish to survive there. As for the starter, all you need is the octopus card.                                  image
You need this card, and all your journey will be easier, purchase this card before you leave the Hong Kong International Airport. With this card you will be riding MTR and Tram. As for me, my destination was at Wan Chai passing Kowloon. (TIPS: Purchase this card at the airport counter, dont take the octopus card offered on plane. This card only cost you HKD 150, HKD 50 deposit, and you can reload this card at any MTR station and at any 7 Eleven stores)

And the next critical thing that you need to purchase is the Traveler's Sim Card, remember when you touchdown at the airport, make sure to rush to Level 7 and you may find a '1010 store' and state that you want a sim card for travellers, and the workers there will assist you from A to Z. I purchased the HKD 88 sim card, which gave me 7 days unlimited internet subscription. (TRICKS: Be careful not to be tricked from other store that located somewhere level 5 which offer you HKD 288 sim card that have the exact service as the one I purchased at 1010 store)
TIPS: If you are travelling in group and you think you need to access internet, plus you really need to save your budget; just purchase only one traveler's sim card and then tether to your members by setting your hotspot connection.To muslims, at the Hong Kong International Airport, you may find Halal Food served at Popeye.

May this entry helps you.

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