War Game 2012 (Asasi Sains Pertanian, UPM)

"Berbakti kepada kedua Ibu Bapa, ingat dimana kamu berada dan sentiasa ingat ADAB dan ADAT kepada Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Jika kamu berpegang pada prinsip ini insyaAllah kamu boleh berjaya." 
A stunning speech given by one of the instructors there

Hello readers! Last monday on the 3rd of September, I did my Algebra awfully and luckily UPM had back up plans to 'cheer me up' by sending me to Tanjung Malim, Perak. At first I swear by the moon and the sky, i was lonely, I knew nobody, I was alone. Luckily things started to change when I first started the conversation amongst my group mates : Tango. To be specific our location located DEEP INSIDE THE FOREST, by using small trucks and lorries to angkut all our luggage. Rocky roads, bumpy rides and painful slaps by the small branches! OUCH amd yeay for the scars!

As we arrived, i saw nothing. No camp sites, no chalet, and no toilets. Are they expecting me to camp there for 3 days and 2 nights mcm Flinestone? Haha. Unbelievable. Firstly, we had to across the river and made oh-yea-train in order to transfer the luggage. Here I can see TEAMWORK taking over the atmosphere. At the so-called-camp-site-without-any-tents we put our luggage at one spot and cleared all dried leaves while the boys went for woods to make bonfire.

 At this time they were actually testing our survival skills. With 39 of members in a group, we had to eat or drink from what we have been given, we cant simply go to our bags. The bags area was a strictly prohibited area! Hell no for blankets, hell no for mineral waters that you brought from college, hell no for chipsmore, hell no for everything that you got from your bags.And you should know the highlights! All your 'business' must be done naturally, there were no facilities, no flush, no pipe. I said NATURALLY ! Haha it depends on you to korek lubang or whatsoever but whenever I need to go to the 'toilet' i'll make sure there were 4 ~ 5 people to accompany me and made a barrier like a football player masa penalty, standing there until I finished. LOL.

We slept like fugitive, on bare forest floor, dengan angin sejuk menusuk rusuk and not so useful bonfire haha. I was shivering cold. But this experiences knocks just once in my life. I happily went through all these hardship, and you will never know how was my feeling to witness the greatest creation when I looked at the night sky. Simply the best scenery. Hah I just have this "OH WOW" moments for a few minutes and dozed off like a zombie. I was exhausted.

The next day, it was a dream come true when we finally headed to a real campsite! What a relieved! I would die on the spot because of happiness when I got the chance to have A NOT SO CLEAN SHOWER, err well at least. On the 2nd day, our schedule were packed with lots of Physical Activities and I would like to rate Water White Tubing 5 stars! Such an adventurous game! Followed by, Water Confidence, Low Rope Course, Compass Marching and Obstacles.

At that night we had our BBQ and some performances and Karoke sessions. The next morning on the last day, we finally knew what was WAR GAME exactly, each group with given ingredients have to make their own bullets and each group have their own instructor. They have to protect their instructor, if the enemies killed your  instructor, it will be the end for your group. You die instantly.

It was the most enjoyable WAR. Tango had been attacked from 3 sides: above the hill, down the hill and in front our greatest enemy, Sierra. At first we made some kind of alliance with Sierra but then we had been betrayed. They attacked us merciless. How dare you Sierra! We trusted you. Haha. LUCKILY their instructor had been killed ! At that time we already run out of bullets but then Sierra supported us by giving away their bullets. Thank you Sierra! Haha, but at last , Tango lost when an assassin from Zulu killed our instructor from behind ! But its okay, we enjoyed!

Bla bla bla, we packed our stuff, learned how to fold the tents, bid goodbyes and bought ice-creamssssss, dozed off in the bus , and HELLO HOME !

Meeting my comrades from Kuliah 15 on the last day.
Group Tango The best !
My Bongsu Clan, Alya and Syahirah

All along i would like to thanked UPM for giving us such opportunities to get involved with this kind of activities. From here I got the chances to have the confidences in doing something new. From here, I knew at first I was afraid of everything, but then knowing that to solve problems I have to find ways to overcome my fears. It was a good plan and a good investment for us, ASPER 8th batch. I love this War Game and im lucky to be selected to be in Perak. I have gained lots of unforgettable experiences! Thank you Malaysia, *spoken like a diva

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