Thank you, Datuk Lee Chong Wei !

Taken from: http://www.mysinchew.com/node/76298
Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily

On that night, there was no heartbreaking, but only regret and pity.
On that night, many people cried, not because they were sad, but because they were full of pride.
Datuk Lee Chong Wei lost the game, but he will always be the best in our hearts. He is so upright, strong and brave.
We have been waited for 50 years and Chong Wei showed us a wonderful performance. He was so close, yet so far from the gold medal.
When Lin Dan frantically took off his shirt and gladly ran around the court, our Datuk was in great disappointment and self-accusation. It was so sad and painful to see him sitting on the floor with tears in his eyes.
On the award podium, when Li Dan turned and waved to the audience, our Datuk held his head so low and wiped his tears. I believe that many Malaysians had cried together with him at that moment.
Chong Wei, it was indeed too heavy for you to carry the hopes and expectations of all people across the country. However, you did not let us down. You insisted without complaint even though you were still suffering from your knee injury. In the finals, which was described as a century duel, you brought Malaysia to the eyes of the world while showing our children the true meaning of never give up, fight till the end, and feeling proud even in defeat. You also showed us a dream and justice, as well as the spirit of Olympics!
The battle was earth-shattering and fantastic. Would we be able to watch another match as good as this in the future?
In the Wold Championships last year, Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan after bitterly struggled for more than an hour. This time, Chong Wei was so close to the gold medal. Unfortunately, he again lost to Lin Dan, who is more domineering and stronger in terms of psychological quality.
You might said that it is unfortunate for Chong Wei to meet a strong opponent. However, if there is only Lin Dan but no Chong Wei to challenge him, the world of badminton will be much less fun and passion.
Indeed, it is a regret for Chong Wei as the Olympic gold medal now belongs to Lin Dan. However, Chong Wei has added weight and bonus points to the honour. The greatness of Lin Dan is shown because Chong Wei is strong enough to compete with him. Both of them are standing on the peak of the world of badminton. Therefore, the applause belongs not only to Lin Dan, but as well as Chong Wei.
Last but not least, I would like to tell Chong Wei that, you do not have to say sorry, as you have tried and done your best. Thank you for giving the world the stirring 79 minutes. You have not only won yourself respect, but also won the country and the people a great honour. The world badminton history and Malaysians will always remember the excitement and touching moments that you brought!

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