Hello readers, as I told ya last time I got B for my Physics. And so for yesterday, my lecturer told us to complete an assignment which soon we will be rewarded 3% , once in a life time dude! So the due date is today and I completed ze assignment as I woke up for Sahur this morning. The question given is just simple, why can't we create energy? That's all. So as you read this, make up your mind and try to find the answer. But as for me, this is what I have answered for the assignment.

Why can’t we create energy? Why?
As been asked by Dr. Huda
For many years (since 2010), I’ve been studying Physics I know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It is energy properties itself. I think if we can create energy, then it would against the laws of Physics which sounds creepy for me. Energy can only be transforms into another form, and we as human only generate the energy. Let me give you an example, water in a reservoir has its own potential energy, and man invented mills at the dam to let the water pass through the mills and generate kinetic energy and converted it to electrical energy. That is why I concluded myself, man can only figure out how to get the energy, generate and intensified but not CREATE energy. So I hope I already answered Dr. Huda’s question.

Maria Syafiqah Ghazali, AS03118, Group15
Asasi Sains Pertanian, UPM

I hope this answer will be accepted, as this sheets only depends on my common senses and simple-thinking. Whatever it may be, Good job Maghia !

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