Handling problems like a genius

Hello readers! See the title? True true true! Currently im struggling alone in this college since everyone balik rumah for cuti nuzul Quran. I have lotsof lotsof LOTS of assignments to be completed! Hah, tu lah sebab suka delay delay, but yet English assignments is killing me though. They are piling up day by day! And I cannot continue with this attitude man! Come on Maghia! Now im working on for my presentations! Chemistry and Biology! These presentation will cost me 10% each for my final. Come on dude im working hard for that 10% so i really really really hope my groupmates for both subjects can give their best for achieve that 10% .

And for next week! I have to submit 2 assignments for English on Tuesday! And maths quiz (which cost another 10%) ! While im running here and there to complete these assignments, im catching up myself for my final sem examination! Dude I done zero preparations! It supposedly to be in 3 weeks time! Tak lama lagi tu. I have and need to do my best! This is your future maghia! Work it out! Be a nerd! 

This is currently the most crucial time for me to make sure i COMPLETE all the delayed assignments, well I am this type of person. Forgive me! Haha well i promise to do better in the future, oh no i mean starting from today! Okay Adios and Assalamualaikum! Kum kum kum!

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