Currently it is 0225

And I am still wide awake, Assalamualaikum. Nyiaahahahah, the reason why my eyes cannot be closed tonight because I was half dead this morning, spending almost half of the day sleeping like a zombie. For today violin class, I got a rebuke from my teacher for not performing well, haiyooo, then i have to spare my time for violin and piano at ze college lah ni. Oh no now as I think about TIME, now I know I still have plenty of assignments to be completed.

1) 3 reports for Agriculture
2) Biology presentation for Photosynthesis
3) English class, debate session as a team with Ah Seng and Nitthiya
4) Chemistry tutorials!
5) Physics TUTORIAL

DEAR TUTORIALLLLLLLLSSSSSSS! Frankly speaking, im having difficulties in understanding Prof Maarof's thinking during Physics class, the way he explained was wayyyyy to genius, beyond my imagination! I just cannot cope with what he was doing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, same goes to Prof Zaizi. New chapter for chemistry is killing me! 
Yeah whatever, I want to complete all these plus plus im planning to do advance reports for Chemistry, Biology and Physics so that it will be much easier for me during exam week and Ramadhan!
Wuhuuuu nice thinking Maria, good job bebeh GOOD JOB! Lastly note to myself, Hard work will never betray me! Go sweat!

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