SSP Sports Day 2012

HOWDY READERS! I already sit for my Maths (Al-Jabar) test today and finished around 21:45 and mom picked me up at Pusat Asasi and we went back home. As a former student of Sekolah Seri Puteri i will be attending tomorrow event: ze annual Sports Dayyyy! Im soooo excited! Im so excited to meet old friends, best friends, and teachers. uuuuu tak sabar tengok rules baru for cheer. I knew that for this year there will be no lifting-lifting ni because incidents last year. So who is going to be the champion overall? Cant wait ! Oh wait ! Im cheering for Ruby untuk esok ! Nyahahahha, interesting photos will be uploaded here soon ! Anyway enjoy your weekend peeps !


My 3rd week in UPM

Howdy readers! It has been a week I didnt update my blog. I am currently at home because I will be having violin and piano lessons on Sundays. So it is already my 3rd week in UPM, last Saturday me and Farhana went to Sunway and we had our lunch there and we done our assignments at Starbucks Coffee and we met Shila Hamzah!

Bla bla bla bla blaa, and meet my girlfriends Farahin and Farhana, we had been in same school for 5 years, and same Foundation in Agriculture for a year and plus 5~7 years in Degree Veterinary! I will never get bored with these faces. Love yah !
 (Barkley and Doggy kena jemur di tengah panas bila Farhana dtg bilik and menumpahkan air liurnya merata rata. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Okay lets start the story, let me introduce you with my Kuliah 15 ! I spent the whole 3 weeks with all of them. So bila dah 3rd week everyone started to be more comfortable compared to our first week and I admit I already start to enjoy myself with them. No longer awkwardness! Ohhh yeah bebeh! 

 Meet Sab penolong monitor, picture above masa buat amali Physics

 Here goes my favourite lecturer! Prof Zaizi !

Okay last 2 weeks Kuliah 15 was the first group assigned to go to Hutan Simpan Puchong. We went there by bus and the journey took 20~30 minutes from UPM.  

Hah sampai part ni, during agriculture class boleh lah dengar bunyi plastik plastik sweets, Agriculture class is like a lullaby to all. Hah tengok tu siap tidur lagi.

Except during Amali Pertanian, sesi berpeluh untuk semua orang.
The End, bye!