Hiking Broga Hill

First day, it was Syakira's Birthday so the Shah Alam clan : Izzah and Sarah were in-charged in handling the birthday celebration. They decided to have a simple picnic in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam. Our original plan was actually to enjoy all the activities there but unfortunately they closed at 4 pm. So we didnt managed to play anything except stuffing our faces. The meals were all well prepared by Izzah and Sarah. Thanks for the treats!
At syakira's
In the making of Lasagna

And so, we had our over night at Syakira's place and had a BBQ and master-chef-ing with Adib, how to make a lasagnaaaaaa! So the next day with insufficient sleeps, we woke up around 5.00 am in the morning and get prepared ourselves to hike Broga Hills. Well overall this adventures was quite new to me and so do my friends. It was seriously exhausting!!

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