A week in UPM

Hello readers, like I told you on the previous posts, I am already an official student in UPM. Luckily i am not alone here. My two bestfriends are here to accompany me. And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful Alhamdulillah. So we have been here for a week, and we already had been assigned in different kuliah. At first I really cant get along well with my kuliah-mates because I dont really know how to communicate or start the conversations. At first I really feel like i am a loner. Especially during the first day, luckily after 5 days of classes I made few friends: Syalia, Athirah, Hidayah, Hawa, Syisya, Nitthiya, Subatra and Ah Seng the Chinese guy who somehow taught me to be punctual to classes and he is my class representative for English class. From time to time, I can finally talk and interact well with all my Kuliah-mates and I know soon they will be part of me like a family. Well masa masih panjang, 3 semester pun belum habis so buat apa nak rushing kann. So I need time to know them well and make good friends.

To release all the tensions from the hectic day, me farahin and farhana spend our quality time together in the evening. We jogged almost everydayyy! 

and had our dinner outside at Islamic Steakhouse, Bangi. 

And untuk ubat rindu, I bring along U-Kiss poster yang Diddy bagi eventhough rasa nak koyak koyakan je, haha and compilation of pictures of me and my friends. Rindunyaaa. And know what? I registered myself in Squash again! And me and Farahin planned to join the Softball team. Biasalahhh Kolej-13 ni spirit tinggi! 

  So guys dont worry , I will do my best here to create sweet memories like once I did in my high school and I know it will take some time. I just need to have the patience. 


Tomorrow is D-Day

Dude I have to walk away from my comfort zone, and face the reality. I am already 18 and I have to be independent and mature. So for tomorrow on 17th May I am going to be a student of Foundation in UPM, Serdang. Knowing that im going to be in a new environments make me chills. Duh why not, for 5 years kot I was a student in all-girls school. Takpe takpe, I have my backup supporters that keep encouraging and supporting me! No worries, I will do my best there! Luckily Farhana and A'in will be there too.


Hiking Broga Hill

First day, it was Syakira's Birthday so the Shah Alam clan : Izzah and Sarah were in-charged in handling the birthday celebration. They decided to have a simple picnic in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam. Our original plan was actually to enjoy all the activities there but unfortunately they closed at 4 pm. So we didnt managed to play anything except stuffing our faces. The meals were all well prepared by Izzah and Sarah. Thanks for the treats!
At syakira's
In the making of Lasagna

And so, we had our over night at Syakira's place and had a BBQ and master-chef-ing with Adib, how to make a lasagnaaaaaa! So the next day with insufficient sleeps, we woke up around 5.00 am in the morning and get prepared ourselves to hike Broga Hills. Well overall this adventures was quite new to me and so do my friends. It was seriously exhausting!!