Voldemot is currently launching her hunger strike ! She doesnt want to eat her 'cheap crackers'. Eventhough I loaded her bowl with lots lots of her food until they spill out of the bowl but still no signs of interest in munching those 'crackers'. She is now much much more interest in eating a jelly-liquid form of food which now making us run out of money to buy her 9 packets Whiskas a week. That jelly-liquid or whatsoever they called, making Voldemot's breathe smell bad. Really bad! I cannot stand with that smell. Totally unhygienic ! How should I coax her to eat that 'cheap crackers' which she once looooooooooooooveeeee to eat that so much. HELPPPPPPPPPP !

"Hunger is sharper than sword" -Francis Beaumont-
PS: Voldemot please eat eh? You are scary when you are hungry and I am afraid of your claws ~ Eventhough I cut it short already but still ..

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