Adopting a kitten

This tiny little kitten, was brought home by my brother, at that time Domod was very skinny and dirty. Adopting a 5-weeks black and white tuxsedo look-alike fur, turned out to be a bit like bringing a teenager into the house. At first he was way past the cute and cuddly kitten stage, but was still young enough that he needed some mothering. Only he didnt know how to ask for it.

For the first week, Domod was a perfect tom. He showed respect to me and my mom, ate whatever I fed him, and slept on my bed."Welcome home Domod" I spoke too soon. Two weeks after having him around, he went from young boy to totally teenager from HELL. He disturbed me when I was sleeping, scrathing my head as if I was the doormat, ambushed our hand whenever we peacefully lying while watching tv, almost giving us mini heart attack! I dont know where he learnt yoga or gimnastic that made him to be soooo elastic to do some back flips and soooo flexible to reach our food on the dinning table. He made our house as if his track for running with ears flipped backwards giving supersonic feels.

But lately, i think he decided he was too old to sleep with me, but not too old to attack my feet while I was preparing his meals. In short, he was just testing his limits-and mine. If he had been a real teenager, he would dye his hair red. Saying "No" to Domod had the same effect it has on most teenagers -- none. And taking away his toys wouldnt work cause everything was a toy for him 


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salwah saleh said...

bukan main lagi kan dia sndar mcm ank dara..hahaha