Showdown 2012 !

Dear Malaysian, have you seen Showdown 2012? This reality show sure tough for the contestants, so for today the judges had decided for Top 12 contestant. So congratulations for those who made it, but I must say this, Im going to root for my favourite crews which are Walawei Crew and Soul Gang. I hope they can reach the highest level and who knows they can make it to be the champion! I respected Walawei Crew, seriously, even though mostly there are under aged and rated as Kids and Newbies among the contestants, they sure have good attitudes and positives self-esteem. I love the way they carry themselves with teamwork amongst the unit. This show really something different like any other reality TV shows. And somehow they taught us to have the confidence and the eagerness to do the best and the attitude to never give up. With the sweats and every moves show their efforts and hard work to be the best. I think this show will make Malaysian to be more positive thinking and to practice having healthy competitions. And I love the judges giving words of spirits and honest thoughts. Go Maple Loo and Joe Flizzow!

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Batman said...

I entirely agree, the Walawei Crew shows maturity beyond their years and most of them are carrying a heavy burden of exams during the showdown weeks.

I know some of the members and they are indeed straight A students.

Give it up for Walawei!!