The announcement that never had been announced before.

Hello readers! UMG, I need to clean up all the dust here, by the way I didnt tell my SPM result officially yet on any social networks, I am going to do so here: actually I managed to get 6As and 3B, the Bs go to Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Good job Maria! Good job!
Out of 176, 111 students from Sekolah Seri Puteri got straight As, and we ranked number 3 from all over SBPs, the top 3 for the SPM highest achievements were conquered by all girls school which are, TKC, STF and SSP. Girls will power cannot be defeated eh? Haha. Congrats anyway.
But whatever the result I got, I did not give up cause I know I did my best. What I am sure about myself, im going to do my best in my college life!

So I decided to further my study in UPM, I will be taking asasi sains dan pertanian, and continue with degree in veterinarian. Wish me luck.

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