Sweetest gift from a friend

A kitten who found something for me, a treasure. I should thanks to Voldemot for make me realised that there are something written on the back of the books
By giving me a little bit of surprise in MPH bookstore, she gave me a really precious gift, that touched my heart. For others it may be just comics, but to her , she knows that I am head over heels to comics, so seeing a bundle of comics made my heart bloomed. But not only that, thanks to Voldemot who turned the last page for me, on particular comics which are her favourite comics, written messages that came from her heart and somehow give me some strengths, inspiration and spirits. Thank you Izzah, you are soooo sweetttttt. I wonder from all of the comic, I still pick the one that I have read for many times, which lead me to these treasures that I will keep properly for my entire life. Those will be in a perfect condition because they have their own values that cannot be found easily somewhere, thanks again Izzah. My daewoong ah.

"18th and she's not, Maria Syafiqah - Izzah"

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