GALACTIC LASER ! (Hi, my name is FLASH ! )

Firstly, we celebrated mone's birthday at TGI's Friday! SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEE !
So as we celebrated Mone's birthday at TGI's Friday at The Gardens Mall, we went to Galactic Laser in Mid Valley Megamall, where we chose for the first mission for only 15 minutes, so each of us paid RM 20 per person. Before entering the game, we had a briefing and for some reasons we kept screaming because our hearts were about to explode because of thoughts that we might see monsters or ghosts in the dark -.- so scaryy. And I kept saying I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die! Haha. But luckily the battle setted only between us, so each of us entered a room full with gadgets, we had to choose nicknames. FLASH, HORNET, MAXIMUS, GHOST, COBRA, SCORPIAN, TERMINATOR -- that were all the names selected. The room was filled with lots of mazes and bertingkat tingkat, sooooo mengah maa running here and there, up and down. The mazes were strategically arranged and enough spaces for hiding, there were high places to ambush your targets, between jaring jaring. It was cool man, I was thinking that I was assigned for SWAT missions, well you know like a real mission that we always watched on TVs, saving people and fight for justices, *that's why I shot all my friends with all my heart, THEY WERE ALL MY ENEMIES! I HAD TO DESTROY THEM! KILL THEM WITH LASER TAG! BAHHHHHHH! *Ceh padahal bila jumpa Syakira: "weh dah dah jangan tembak aku *dissapeared" Haha, Okay okay cut it off Maria -.- hew hew. Well as we entered the room, we became enemies, shot from distance, hiding, running, screaming and sweating ! Eventhough it was only for 15 minutes it was really WORTH IT ! So overall I enjoyed myself for today ! Last but not least I recommended this game to all of you! It was great fun to be enjoyed with your peeps !

*some pictures were selected through Google Images! Tehee

But this is our picture lah

The result for today! I WON ! My name is FLASH !

Ps: Laser tag, some sort of paint ball but using Laser, arasso ?


My Cover Photos for Facebook

Hello everyone ! This time I designed something for my cover photos on Facebook, so what do you think about these two ? Which one is more suitable ?

The Parade


Again, I changed my header !

I changed it from this, tooooooooo

Okay okay this one the last !


Well what do you think ?

My 18th birthday celebration

So let the picture tell the stories.
Organised by PJ clan, they made a surprise event which they reserved table in Garden Cafe, Alamanda. A "Happy Birthday" song had been sung as a background while Keon and Syira held the birthday cake. I tell yah, the cake was superb cool with all of us had been transferred to be paper miniature.
So overall, I celebrated my birthday one day in advance but I had great fun with my friends. Thanks for the preparations. I love the decorations! Thanks!
I am officially 18 !


Sweetest gift from a friend

A kitten who found something for me, a treasure. I should thanks to Voldemot for make me realised that there are something written on the back of the books
By giving me a little bit of surprise in MPH bookstore, she gave me a really precious gift, that touched my heart. For others it may be just comics, but to her , she knows that I am head over heels to comics, so seeing a bundle of comics made my heart bloomed. But not only that, thanks to Voldemot who turned the last page for me, on particular comics which are her favourite comics, written messages that came from her heart and somehow give me some strengths, inspiration and spirits. Thank you Izzah, you are soooo sweetttttt. I wonder from all of the comic, I still pick the one that I have read for many times, which lead me to these treasures that I will keep properly for my entire life. Those will be in a perfect condition because they have their own values that cannot be found easily somewhere, thanks again Izzah. My daewoong ah.

"18th and she's not, Maria Syafiqah - Izzah"