Dare to Dream ?

Someone dreamt about me, the truth finally revealed, the blood running through my veins are actually blue-blooded. Lots of horse-drawn carriage come to take me back. Grand appearing of welcoming back 'home', I guess. So, im moving back to the palace, and soon I will invite all my relatives, friends, and family to be there somedayy.

Hah, so that's the storyline, thanks to Fiqri Auliya for being a , err, fortune-teller, Haha. Well, it is not that I believe it hundred percent, but yes im hoping it. Doesnt it sound magical? Soooo, my answer is YES, I dare to dream the unbelievable. This world in soo limitless, you can be anything you want, you can get anything you always dream off, the only thing that limiting you to get those is just YOU. You are actually limiting yourself, limiting your mind, and limiting your goals.

So, im here to say, you are what you believe. Think positive and go through all the obstacles. Enjoy your present life, don't worry about your future, just plan for it !

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