As I read recent news in Eldaterra's group. My heart seems to beat faster. Inalillah, was the first word I managed to utter. I was shocked and in disbelief. My friend's mom just die due to strokes. I could not stop the tears that ran down naturally, hearing something like this. And I imagined what if Allah swap her place to mine. I would be devastated. I swear. That's why without wasting my time I recited some prayers and Yasiin to late Puan Zainon. And I pray to Allah to give some strengths to my beloved friend, Farah Nurhidayah. To Dayout: Be tough, Allah is testing you to make sure you become nearer to Him. He works in mysterious ways, and there's always something good awaits you. Right now, I know, you are crying, but remember there is always US who keep on supporting you. Dont lose hopes, whenever you feel like your sky is falling, please remember that you have us, give your hands to us, we're ready to grab them anytime and anywhere. We are trying to be tough to make sure that you will be tougher in the future. Last but not least, whenever you in your prayers, cry and talk to Him. Spill the beans. And Dayout, always remember that I always love you. So do KP.


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