Linux, my best-friend

So comel can die! So she is basically 3 years old now. Mi dia kucing bajet Diva, bukan kucing Persians pun, tapi perangai kalah semua kucing Persians.



Okay menjelang Tahun Baru Cina,of course we want our life to be full with prosperity. So do KP maaaaaa, we need money for our NEXT TRIP. Er, actually i was planning to run away with all the money IF I managed to win this contest, but naaahh, when i think back, i should credit this pictures to the owners, two of the KP of course: Fazu and Arina. Hah, I promise by the moon and the sky to share the money, IF i make it.

So term and conditions are here from the site:
"Para pemenang dikira mengikut jumlah kutipan tertinggi ( paling banyak )
orang yang klik LIKE/SUKA di gambar anda itu pada 20/02/2012. Ya,
tempoh pertandingan ini hanyalah hampir 2 bulan. Bermula 25/12/2011
dan akan berakhir pada 25/02/2012
and and
Johan - RM150 + Buku Kerjaya
Naib Johan - RM100 + Buku Kerjaya
Ketiga -RM50 + Buku Kerjaya
Tempat ke 4- 10 = Hadiah Menarik menanti"

So readers wanna help me ? Nah jgn lah malu malu kucing, HAHA

Thank you for the support, if i win i'll make something special for you my readerssss ! Muah mucha gracias!

Imma Imma a Kindergarten teacherrr

Hello mello jello yello yuhuuuuuuuuuu, ok whatever, as I told yaa before, i am a helper in a kindergarten. Not a teacher. Each class will be having a helper who helps the teacher to handle those 4-years-old kiddos, if they are crying, then we have to do something to make them stop. bla bla bla bla. And my first day here was a bit chaos, well i know zero about handling little ones.

So, most of the time I played with the LEGO and managed to build the highest tower in the WORLDDDDDDDDD ! *okay i mean in the kindergarten. By using a little imaginations, i managed to attract those kiddos to play with me. Yipiee! Good job Maria Good JOB!

Till then, adios medosa calporata,okay what's that ?



Okay I may took hours on editing the new one, but i think it turned out well and fit my blog just nice. Im happy! YEEHAAAA.

The old design
2012 is approaching,so i have to change my picture to the latest one. This picture was definitely when in 2010, so i need new and fresh look for this-end-of-the-year-2011 and also for 2012

The new one

Oh dont you think that this picture is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo like suitable for movies/dramas cover ? Haha, I think so. Mwehehehe

I am satisfied with my work. Good Job Maria, good job. HAHA

My drawing,

Hello Thursdayyyyy, I drew something, er basically i just wanna sketch ideas for my upcoming wall painting, but since i bought Buncho water colour, i decided to make it just a drawing in my drawing block


Oh I am leaving all social networks

I already get bored with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course Tumblr, so im on my mission, Missing In Action (MIA) Dont miss me, and just leave me your comments, Im on my project doing some drawings. Bye



Hah, It is tomorrow kannnnnn? Anyway, i just wanna say Goodluck to all Form 3 Sekolah Seri Puteri. All you have to do right now is just pray. InsyaAllah. Whatever comes tomorrow just accept and be grateful. We will pray for your success. All the best Camaraderie. I did some drawing for you, i know i know it is cute kannnn, ok whatever it is JUST THINK POSITIVE bebeh! Muah mucca gracias!


Muehehehehe, padan muka diddy ! HAHA


This is my story

Watch it, i am a well known person actually

Photoshooot at Sawah Padi

We had so much fun for 5 days, hosted by Mahani and family, thank you so much, we're learned so many things while staying there. Langkawi is really a beautiful island, urban teenagers like us were all fascinated with the nature beauty there, we now realised that we should be proud as Malaysians. Valuable lessons that we got, we learnt how to appreciate nature and appreciate things that we are having now. We learnt about friendship, how to love and accept each other. We learnt how to overcome sadness and fear, we face them together. For 5 days there, we were taking care of each other, protecting one and another. If something bad happened to one of us, we will worry so much. If one of us in fear, we will comfort them, by telling them: "it's okay, you have us, dont worry". If someone is feeling down, we will find some humours in it to heal her sadness. That's why, i dont like farewells, because I know my soul belongs with them. They are part of my life. It is sad to say Goodbyes, and i am expecting the best and happy HELLO from all of you. I love you dear friends. This trip is soo meaning full. Again thanks to Mahani as the host and Arina Inani as our one and only Photographer. *psst me and nasha gonna miss Double D too :D

We had a safe journey because we got bodyguards while staying there in Kedah.
Life is not like dramas or fairy tales that telling us every ending will have "happily ever after", we acknowledged that life have its own ups and downs, these teach us how to grow stronger by trusting our bond of sisterhood.