3 more days to go

We meet again ^^ Dong Kwon Kim, i am so happy. Haha :D Got 8 more papers to go for Biology and Chemistry. Pray for my success. Cannot wait to graduate from this school! I will do my best!


Here comes the SPM

All the best, and please pray for our success
dear SSPians,


Gemuruh Suara - Team Malaysia's Theme Song

I love this music video,
I love seeing our celebrities work together for making this video
i mean there are 2 generations
Ramli Sarip and Caprice

and this music video really inspired me,
to be proud as Malaysian.
Go Malaysia, we can do it !

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha

yeah, came across this video on YouTube,
can't wait to record another video after SPM

By the Way selamat hari raya korban everyone


Miyyo Azman

wait, i am not a fan of this boy, but who is he ?
i'm still searching about this boy when i met him at the Twitter
and yes i 'like' his page,
Miyyo Azman

but still, who is he?
i'm clueless, yea yea, whatever
Hei Miyyo jom lah buat collaboration on Youtube,
share with me your fameee,
i'll bet we both will get a huge hit man !

ok, i'm kidding.

stop it lah maria, nak SPM dah -.-
but still, who is Miyyoooooooo ?

ELDATERRA: Opening video

This is for the opening :D

Leaving school soon

Try to look at these pictures,
Each year, i got the chances to make new friends

including this year :')

each one of us are now in a comfort zone with the current friendship that we've built five years ago. Each faces, show happiness.
But in reality, everything will come to an end.
We have to face it.

Friendship don't have any ending
We are now struggling for the most important for our future
we have to do our best.

Lately, our school have programmes with the boys
regarding History subject, and honestly, this programs really
help me a lot
thanks to teachers and
Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS) and also Royal Military College (RMC)
To all my goupmates, thank you !

Good luck in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
InsyaALLAH 9A+ for batch 07/11

some pictures credit to : qiqi
thanks KP, qiqi raimi and tasha for superb last carnival in SSP :D