I am really grateful and thankful to Allah,
He saved me,
Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah
Thank you Allah, You protected me from dangers
You keep me safe and sound.

You protected me from getting bad influences,
I'm really Grateful,
I shed my tears when i realized these.

Thank you Allah, I'm really grateful.
Starting from this moment, i promised to myself, i'll change !
Ya Allah, please help me,
I love my mom, i love my family, i love my friends.


September, yeah, WHATTT ?

OMG, It's already

er, soooooo wake me up when September ends.
70++ days to go for SPM.
I know i can do it, Go Eldaterra Go!

Group presentation

Me, farah, aifaa and auliya, we are in one group of presenting any tasks during English classes,
One glance on the names, you already know and you'll go like this
"Aiyooo, how...."

Ok -.- whatever, if there's any presentation tasks given,
we'll be like "ah it's okay, we'll do it next time"
then, on the real day, *mulalah, terkepak kepak and muka sorang sorang cuak.

So, this holiday, ms zuraihan did give us a task regarding the novel of step by wicked step,
Fortunately, we have done it 1/4 -.- at least
Unfortunately, we just realise that we haven't complete it yet.
There you go again "Aiyooo, this group aaaaa..."

Whatever it is, goodluck to Farah and Aifaa and Auliya.
Like daaaaaa, i wanna rest.

*Gembira rasanya nampak korang struggle, teheee

Jetski racing,

Man, It's FRIDAYYYY, gonna get down on Fridayyy.