There's no stronger bond than this sisterhood

Hi readers, just realized i didn't update my blog for a very long time. Lately, i caught myself crying every evening, i don't know why, it is just a feeling. I keep on reminding myself, i have less than 4 months with them in this school. We keep on talking about how are we going to miss this super-cool memories. I am very grateful, i got the chances to know them, i've given this opportunities to experienced the best feeling. They are precious. I keep telling myself, they are precious. That's why i really appreciate them. Even now, whenever i glance at the countdown on the whiteboard, i did tell myself, this gonna end very soon. I promised to myself, when i have kids, i'm going to tell them, how cool i was when i was in their ages, i'm gonna tell them, i had very wonderful friends and i experienced many things that not people got the chance to have it.
This is the feeling.
I love you guys.

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