Friends for 5 years

We can be friends with many people, but among them, you should find true friends.
this is true story that i've kept by myself for five years, i've been pretending that i'm happy without the presence of her. But the reality is, i still love her as my dearest friends. Losing her 3 years ago really hurting me. I can't believe myself when i cried as i recalled all memories that i had with her. I believe, God want to show me something.

What i really want to say to her is I really miss her, i miss the times we spent together, i miss us laughing in the middle of the night. I just want us to be back together again. Eventhough people might think that we are childish, but who cares ? i just love the feeling, i love to feel the true friendship. To those who acknowledged this story, i love you guys .

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