It's Ramadhan

Today is the last Shaaban, and i am eager to welcoming Ramadhan.
fasting for a month give me a chance to reflex myself,
that i should be grateful.
I wasn't born in poverty or hardship like those kids suffered in Palastine
so, i wanna give myself a space to think back that i should be grateful and thankful to ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY. Alhamdulillah.

I will always pray for all my saudara islam in this world. Assalamualaikum Ramadhan :)


Instax or known as Polaroid

I'm hoping to have this thing, please please please, for me taking picture and get the result instantly, giving me some sentimental values. Don't you think so? Haha. So, currently i have 6 pictures of polaroids in my pursue, and i love them!
I want to collect them by my own.
I don't care, even if you offer me RM 10000000000 , or new DSLR. I just wanna this Polaroid!

Gonna put this in my The Secret list, let's see the result soon.
I have a positive vibrant about this thing!

She made a decision

Dear Farhana:

You can always borrow my shoulders, even though you might wet my shirts with your runny nose, but seriously i don't mind. You can always find me, and in return i will always cheer you up by giving you my Milo :D

There's no stronger bond than this sisterhood

Hi readers, just realized i didn't update my blog for a very long time. Lately, i caught myself crying every evening, i don't know why, it is just a feeling. I keep on reminding myself, i have less than 4 months with them in this school. We keep on talking about how are we going to miss this super-cool memories. I am very grateful, i got the chances to know them, i've given this opportunities to experienced the best feeling. They are precious. I keep telling myself, they are precious. That's why i really appreciate them. Even now, whenever i glance at the countdown on the whiteboard, i did tell myself, this gonna end very soon. I promised to myself, when i have kids, i'm going to tell them, how cool i was when i was in their ages, i'm gonna tell them, i had very wonderful friends and i experienced many things that not people got the chance to have it.
This is the feeling.
I love you guys.


Friends for 5 years

We can be friends with many people, but among them, you should find true friends.
this is true story that i've kept by myself for five years, i've been pretending that i'm happy without the presence of her. But the reality is, i still love her as my dearest friends. Losing her 3 years ago really hurting me. I can't believe myself when i cried as i recalled all memories that i had with her. I believe, God want to show me something.

What i really want to say to her is I really miss her, i miss the times we spent together, i miss us laughing in the middle of the night. I just want us to be back together again. Eventhough people might think that we are childish, but who cares ? i just love the feeling, i love to feel the true friendship. To those who acknowledged this story, i love you guys .