What I really-really want in my life

If Justin Bieber can say "Never say never", i can do that too in my own way ! Go me !

1. 9A+ for SPM
  • My name will be called out to the stage to receive the slip stated "straight A+" and Mom will be proud of me, I want the tears of success !
  • So, i have to work hard for this. Never give up

2. Have my own studio at home
  • I want MAC PC for editing works
  • DSLR with video
  • Background for photographing session
  • Keyboard, Electronic drum and violin
  • Good lighting stuffs for photography
  • I have this 1 site, favourited by all people around the countries * WOHOOO !
3. Nice career in an early age
  • So i have to think positive
  • Never give up
  • Succeed in everything i did
  • work hard in everything
4. A very nice penthouse
  • Cozy place
  • Comfortable
  • Modern-style
  • Safe
5. Stable in everything
  • Money
  • Educations
  • Family relationship
  • Health
  • Solat
6. Have a very nice-kind-best guy friend
  • always there to listen to my problems
  • Respect women
  • Good-looking and rich *wink wink
  • Can be my soul mate and protective
7. Have awesome friends
  • We share tears and laughs together
  • Sweet
  • Succeed together in everything
  • Go overseas together
8. I have my own advertisements
  • I have good personality
9. Bring my mother to Mekah
  • Provide her with the best service
10. OPS , *secret !
  • Can't tell you guys
  • It's my biggest secret *haha
Alhamdulillah, i'll getting these things ! InsyaAllah ! I have to pray for this and believe, think positive!
"Never say never"

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