The Secret

It supposed to be The Secret kept by myself, but i just want to share my experience about this phenomena. Have you ever think that you will be late for classes? Have you ever imagined that you will be scolded by the teachers because of your undone homeworks? OR have you imagined something that can be really ridiculous : like marrying to a prince.

Believe me, i imagined those, if you are me : take my advice ! Keep on believing, eventhough people keep telling you that you can't make it , or it impossible, or they claimed you as freak. Don't worry and ignore those thoughts. Just imagine things that make you happy, imagine that life is always simple. Imagine that things goes right when you smile. The most important thing is, you just have to think positive in all ways and keep on smiling eventhough you are in the worst situation.

Keep on telling yourself, what you want, keep on repeating, "i want, i want, i want"
basically you have 3 steps on achieving those. 1st : Imagine, Imagine what you want. 2nd: Believe, believe that you WILL get things that you want ! 3rd: Receive, whatever it is, receive what you already wish for. In combination, Imagine what you want, and believe it with all your hearts that you are going to have it, and lastly receive it with an open heart and be grateful. Oh and don't forget to put a smile on your face!

Back to the topic, do you know that Kate Middleton always dreamt to marry to Prince William since she was 8 ? That is one of The Secret that she practised, by keep on wanting what she really want. If you are a student and you want to score in every subjects! Then you should make a list, "I want A+ in History" , "I want A+ in Mathematics" and let the list goes "I want, i want, i want" . If you do this, your mind will be set to achieve those, so automatically you're going to find your own way to strive it ! You will realised that you turned to be more hardworking than before. Your understanding on what teachers are explaining in front, increased!

You can practise "THE SECRET" in everything ! But remember ! You must have the determination in getting what you want to get ! Never give up ! And always think positive! In islamic way, we should start with "Alhamdulillah, i'll get .... " In this way you will set in your mind that Allah will help you in getting what you wish for. There's nothing wrong for us to wish things that we want or life that we dreamt for! All we have to do is , keep on believing everything is possible for us ! But make sure you are in the right path, remind yourself a seed of thought to make the world better and harmony.

I wrote this post to help my people, to help my friends, to help my community, and to help those who need the advices that really going to hep them ! Common ! Let's rise and make your everyday as your best-est day !
Au revoir.

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