all in one

Hello readers, i didn't update you guys with my stories for a very very longgggggggg time, i guess.
basically i don't have much time for socializing.

I really really have many ups-and-down before going to the concert. My clothes had been 'rampas' by the prefect and had been locked under the stairs for two weeks! I can't claim those for dayss ! I suffered! I even pleaded to Ms Zuraihan to give back my clothes and even gave her a very touching note! But it didn't work, she just tell me to pray hard. Umm if you know what i mean. But everything settled yesterday. Fortunately!

Lastly i have to say that lately, teachers are giving us too much pressures! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, i want to run awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! Help help !

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