Steps by wicked steps : Ralph's story

Ralph’s Story:

First of all, this is the summaries for our literature component, and we're gonna present this as our literature presentation during English :D

Introduction –

· 2 brothers (Edward and Goerge), 2 half-brothers, 3 step-brothers

· 1 half sister, 1 step-sister

· 1 step-father (Howard), 2 step-grandmothers, 1 step grandfather

· 3 step-mothers – (Annabel, Janet and Flora)

· Future sibling: 1 half-sister, from Flora (3rd step-mother)

· He still has biological mother and father


1. 1st Stepmother, Annabel

· She was good fun, she bought super presents. The problem was: She never left any of them alone with their father. She always there.

· For Edward and Goerge, they hate it, they claimed, it wasn’t unfair.

· His dad was in love, idiotically, soppily in love with Annabel. Everything Annabel did was fine with him.

- She didn’t like jazz : He stopped listening to it

- She disapproved of coffee : We all had to drink dandelion tea

2. 2nd Stepmother, Janet

· A real shock, more keen on rules than anyone. She had rules about EVERYTHING!

- Rules about how you had to chew

- Rules about saying “Please” and “Thank You” and “May I pass you the bread”

· Dad liked it, he claimed Janet as ‘sensible’

· Edward and George thought she was brilliant because the had tons of time alone with dad.

· Janet has to rush here and there for her children’s activities – Tom, Joe, Dough and Ann.

· Mom and Howard (stepfather) thought Janet was wonderful and take advantage on her. Mom sneaking Victor’s (Ralph’s half brother) romper suits into Edward’s sport bag, hoping that Janet would come across them and get the stains out before sending them back.

3. 3rd Stepmother, Flora

· Edward met her first, then Goerge.

· Flora always went for shopping : Strawberrie, Kiwi fruits, waffles, Belgian Chocolates. Dad nearly had a fit. He kept coughing anxiously and peering in his wallet, but she went on dumping treats into the trolley.

· The day Ralph met her, they had a quarrel and after awhile. And they were already some sort of team. They had Chinesse food then she took Ralph to a film about Killer Tomatoes. Arguing about aliens on the way home, bumped into of her friends and went off to a coffee bar, Purple Onion, having nightcaps.

· They went home at 11.30 pm : Dad scold Flora for getting on for midnight on a school night. Flora ignored dad and told him to think twice before leaving Ralph in her care without checking about her plans.

· Ralph thinks she is ‘wonderful’’, she’s done all sorts of terrible things to him

- Poured a bowl of shaghetti over his head when he rude to her

- Picks him up from school HOURS late

- She gets him in troubles

- Sneaking him into films he is not old enough to see and places he should not go

· She is completely disorganized.


All this while, Ralph really does not care anything about all his stepmothers, but Flora’s condition changed him. Ralph started to concern about Flora’s health when she’s pregnant. Because she eats mint sauce for her sanwiches . That;s all what she eats. Ralph’s worrying about the baby, she’ll never look after it properly. All the responsibility will fall on Ralph. Ralph worries about the baby because the baby is his sister : or half-sister, or half-brother.


Lastly, Ralph is now totally being soft with Flora, he spend a bit more time round at his father’s house just till he get them organized. Everyone teased him, even George pointed out that he actually nearer in age to Flora then Dad, so if she’s going to marry anyone, maybe it should be him. But now she’s settling down. Ralph seems to be more loving toward his stepmother, Flora.

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