After the rain has stopped

We already got the results for our first mid-term examination,
the first thing i would like to say is: I AM TRULY REGRET WITH MYSELF
i didn't expect i would failed to achieve my OWN goal.
I've lost to myself and i've lost to my rival : Diddy, ok you win this time -.-
Whatever it is, i will re-do my checklist, and work harder. I think i should lock myself and make my brain works like Einstein.
What-to-do list:
  1. Do lots lots lots of exercise in Add Maths since i got B+ for it, and it is really dissapointing me :'(
  2. Make notes for Biology, memorise memorise and memorise, currently studying about locomotion and support.
  3. Physics, i will make sure that i understand what JY is teaching and make sure that i do all the exercise given! I will never never neverrrrr ever bloating when i got highest mark in quiz again! Sorry :'(
  4. Chemistry, i want to complete the module and keep on study about the equations
  5. History, i should read and understand the WH questions, and make discussion with Aishah
  6. Simple Maths, do exercises
  7. Islamic Education, err since i nearly got B for this subject, i think i should work harder in Tajwid, sorry Ustazah

Basically, i can conclude myself : if i want to get better marks, i have to be a hardworking girl in doing exercises, so i think i should never give up. Never say never, like what Justin Bieber said.

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