Goodbye Monday

I hate Monday the most, because:

1) The first day for a week
2) Formal assembly, the reason my legs gone cramp
3) Boring speeches
4) Completing the undone homeworks during first period, PSK
5) Exhausted, less time for me to sleep during weekends: the reason why my sleep time was extended during Monday, mostly.

But it is not happening to me for tomorrow, because i
am having my MONDAY at home,
By the way, i did not suffered from tonsilitics,
the doctor said that my tonsils were infected.
So, no need to worry, because i didn't and won't undergo any surgery, there's nothing to be removed and it is not too serious. HAHA
I think i get much better now after having my late night snacks at McDonald
Tehee, my friends are currently sleeping right now, haha.
Jealous much?

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