Squash 2011

Here's your president speaking, haha, *eww vomit
i want to congratulate myself for doing the best! GO MARIA GO!
To all squash players:
Fazu, Nasuha, Shiqin, Zana, Mifa, Ira, Eton, Sharipudin, Pya, Awatif and Ieqah Adzim Shukri.
Thanks for obeying your president's commands. I'm so proud.
To Shiqin Azlan Shah, I'm so proud of you, even though you got injuries on your shoulder, you still performed your best.

Thanks to Nasuha for making those silly jokes, thanks to Fazu for paying my lunch and i hope you will be less vibrate when you hold the racquets in the future, thanks to my team for doing their best! Thanks to Mifa, you are our laughing stocks *jgn nangis yeh, Team B, you guys are the best! Congratulations!
For under 15 girls,
thanks for listening to your seniors,
the the the the the the the the the
kita kan orang melayu

Kita ni cool kan kan. Tengoklah siapa president, awww. I am not going to forget every single things. Thanks again you guys! Pakcik Milo, dtg laaa masa sport day! Happy HOLIDAY to all! Take care, jgn lupa sebarkan pasal Sharipudin! Haha. SHARIPUDIN! Who's missing? Oh, Ckg Nasir and Ckg Ain!
Thanks Cikgu!

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