Wanieeeeeeee :D

20th of December 2010, Monday
Maria, A'in, Fawa and Wanie, we went to CosmoWorld, Berjaya Times Square
Oh My God! Wanie, long time no see :'( we surely missed you a lot.
Budak budak dorm pun mesti laa jugak kan, haha. So, bila jumpa mmg banyk lah kan bercerita pasal skolah.
As promised, at 11.00AM we will meet there, fortunately me & wanie did manage to be there on time, so while waiting, we took a picture using my dad's lappy, we were sitting there for about half an hour waiting for Fawa and A'in, *they went there by erl/ktm/etc etc.

So, we rode every rides there, plus Wanie puked 3 times while A'in puked once, we rode the RollerCoaster ride twice, and we sat in front! We had so much fun there. I am so lazy to write everything in details. Sorry.
It was time for Wanie to leave :'(
Bye bye Waniee,

The End.

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