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Hello December! Man goodbye November! Well obviously we are going to leave the year of 2010 soon, i bet you guys don't want to leave the year 2010! I think this year is my there's-no-tomorrow year.
Well let me summaries about my year, for the starting, my momentum was so good, in academics, also in sports, but suddenly i don't know why, thoughts of "ah i'm going to be a successful student this year" vanished in a blink of eyes, ok i'm exaggerating now, i think it is because of Facebook and all media's temptation, at first i am really not interested in wasting my times in caring about others business, what i knew was only books, notes and add maths. Seriously! But when times passed, my attention toward studies became weaker, i became lazier. In January until May i am a bookworm, i swear! I am nerd! Somehow i am the first one to submit my homeworks, and helping my classmates during nights preparation class with their homeworks, i got highest in Add Maths, Chemistry and Biology, BUT sorry i'm not highest in Physics. Somehow i can be Teacher's Pet, and also my grades were good back then, i was top 5 in class, i never failed in any subjects, i never got a 'C' for my Add Maths, in fact i am a Mentor during Add Maths classes. I tried to be the best.

But i told you, that wasn't last longer -__- starting June. OMG i'm distracted with computers and also Facebook, i've distracted in wasting my times, i've distracted in eating too much and i've became superb laziest monster!
It started after the day our parents met the teachers for getting our report card, due to excessive compliments given by the teachers, i am 100% over the moon, i think "ah am i too good ?'' and also "i need a rest from studies now" and NOW THAT'S THE PROBLEM! Aigoo, starting that day, i was making myself far from books and keep telling myself "i should take a nap" during classes, back then, i was among the students who sit straight when our History Teacher keep explaining about The Renaissance etc etc, but i realized that i've changed!

What should i do? In starting of August, i've gained my consciousness, i made myself fall in love again with books and books and mathematics, but it's too late because everyone already on their halfway, i was truly regretted and started to panic & worried for my grades for my final exam, i always dream to get myself into the top class, but i failed! But i shouldn't give up, i should work even harder than anyone else, but still failed! Everyone seems too good! Plus there was freshies (new F4) in our school, and i can't competed them. I used to be the class's dictionary, everyone used to ask me about Add Maths, Chemistry and Biology but my position seems to be replaced. But it's okay, it's my fault. On our day for taking the final exams, still i didn't stayed up and struggle like i used to be. In the end, thanks to my other-self which keep telling me to study study and study! I managed not to be the worst! AT LEAST, i'm average for my final, thankfully i'm turning not to be too good or too bad. That's enough for me.

And at least, i didn't take drugs, or i didn't commit suicide to solve my problems. What's the most important things that i've learned are about FRIENDSHIP , HARDSHIP , and also about LIFE . I'm not trying to bloat, what i'm trying to say is, DON'T EVER BE TOO SATISFIED and DON'T TOO EASILY DROWNED IN COMPLIMENTS. Thanks to those who keep encouraged me to not easily give up . For next year , i'm definitely am going to my other-self ! Hello the new Maria !

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