December? Holidays? LET'S ENJOYYYYYYY

D for December, dow-dow-dowdyyyy dude?
yeah i did some projects this December, i did edit some pictures, wow it's look like i was really having photo-shoot session with those celebrities, well at least those pictures make me really over the moon, i am 130% happy.

oh not to forget my project on making my cat's house, OMO isn't Linux is too cute ?
well at least she knew how to appreciate my effort by giving me some cooperations by posing in that *house
well, good job then, I LOVE YOUU CATTTT !

back to the topics, holidays doesn't mean that we should just relax, watching videos, stuffing your face, go to the bathroom, shopping, surfs the internet, tweet-ing, game-ing or even Facebook-ing,
err *well actually that what i was doing
well at least i am working on my homeworks, since i promised to myself to be super-duper nerd+weird+freak person for next year, i must complete all my homeworks neatly, am i right? For now, it is currently 0624 AM in the morning. I just finished with my first homework, literature for Bahasa Melayu, well, i just copied & pasted it, but hey, that doesn't matter, the most important thing is, we READ & STUDY back the things that we've printed, eventhough the result is not 100% created by ourselves. Well who cares? BYEEEEEEEEE, oh upcoming homework is Physics, *i'll disappear for 100000000 days, haha ------ tuuuttt *off

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