It is tomorrow, only tomorrow, hah, lately, i'm so depressed , diddy can't make it ,
she cancelled her plan to go to Singapore and she DID CANCELLED her ticket for U-KISS fan-meeting and also concert , reason: no hotel
ok, where are we? TOMORROW, we: aishah, me, syakira, farah, sarah, hanani will be going to spend our 1 night at Izzah's place, well since her parents are not at home,
we are going to grill something,

the checklist:
maria : 5 potatoes and aluminium foil
syakira : crabsticks and sausages
sarah : ??
aishah : ??
farah : bawang

so, obviously, syakira and i are the one yang beriye sgt hahaha
the main plan is we are going to record the whole 2 days and 1 night
the games and activities , foods, and stuffs,
guess what, i had been given the honor to edit the videos and compiled it
and send it to the KBSW under "2days1night" variety show.
by the way, readers, i would like to recommend this,

ok guys, see you!

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