I wish I were Peter Pan
i need your help Thinker Bell
save me from Captain Hooks!
I want to spend my adventurous life in the small island of NeverLand


I wish I am the old Maria
i need your help, dear friends
save me from the temptation of entertainment
I want to spend my life as a good student of Sekolah Seri Puteri


I finally realized that I've changed a lot.

the 53rd of Independence Day

Alhamdulillah, we have finally reached our 53rd anniversary
in conjunction our freedom from colonialism
today, 31st August
"Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!"
that the symbol of freedom

so, we as the young and next generation should be grateful
on what we have today
to make sure the history won't repeat
we should always bare in our mind how hard to set our country free

for today, it is a very bright day that can make me feel so HAPPY
all televisions channels are having the "Merdeka segment"
I hope that Malaysian will live in harmony ways
1 Malaysia, let's be the supporter!


Friday, August 27

Date: 27.08.2010
Venue: Sunwayyyy Pyramid

Balqis Azmi, Najihah Aqila, Sarah Aqilah, Mahani Mahdzir, Nadhirah Azizan and I
we went to Sunway Pyramid today
yeah, we made a deal, "be there by 2.30"
but ended by "sorry, jam! maybe pukul 4.30"
By the way, i managed to be there earlier than the others

Thank God, my dad was there to accompany me :)
at first i wanted to withdraw my money and I did.
But it turned out by pressing the "akaun semasa"
-.-" that's why i can't withdraw my money
&& thanks to Naddy for her helps by guiding me "how to use the ATM"
haha, silly me

3 of us, while waiting for Balqis, Keon and Mone
we tried to find any restaurant for us for berbuka
and luckily we went to the secret recipe's
reserved for 6 peoples.

*2 hours later*

it was time for berbuka but we were still at Forever 21.
but i can't find any, i don't want shades, i want see-through specs
remember the one that i wore last time?
yeah yeah, guess what, we late 10 minutes for berbuka!

After that, we performed our prayer and continue on our plan
we did buy many thingssss
i bought new cardigan, i was struggling on getting that !
That was the last one hanging at one corner
Naddy nk brgaduh, berebut pulak tu -.-"
maaflah, my dayyyyy dude !

Thanks again champs! I love you! I had so much fun for today
and kaki melecet -.-" thanks!


I'm gonna get-get-get

just now we were having our biology classes at the hall
POLUTION blahh blahh blahh

and yet we were acting like fools, speaking like..
"i'm the first speaker of *** and blah blah blah"
guess what? Farhana was the one that participate this scene a lot !
she must miss her man right now, HAHA!

god! just tomorrow! we were planning to go berbuka together in Sunway
this time not yet at Genting, postponed -.-"
last night we were knocked by something, strange.
our heads hurt. A LOT.
that's why today we were acting CRAZY and RIDICULOUS.

just wait.
there's something big gonna explode!
nail your legs to the ground!


Fox rain

if only they knew it.
man, thanks 'izzah for promoting this drama !
haha, and today went soooooooooo well :)
and finally i can eat at the high table *i'm very participate on it

and and can't wait to go back homeeeee this Thursday
oh know what ? last overnight ! NADHIRAH AZIZAN pretend to be
my *psychotic secret admire
hell freezes over, i'm not going to believe that !

and i'm currently doing nothing
there's too many handouts to be done



keluar masuk bilik PK. hell yeah!
Fawa said that those "lucky" names will be called every assembly.
whattttttttt theeeeeeeeeee ?

nevermind as long as MY STUDIES won't ruined because of the time spent on tht pointless babbling
Physics dh x fhm dh :(
hey, no more playground!
I gave you chance once, but you didn't appreciate that, so
i'm no longer want to spend time on you,
GOODBYE sweettalker !

And i'm planning to go to Genting Highlands with Mahani and Keon !
wanna join ?
this coming Thursday !
give me a call yaw :)



the celebration of YEAH-EXAM's-OVER
OMG, exam's over, err not really, but just pretend that exam's over
and Teraju Puteri's member did some photography session for class pictures and Batch
we took the oppurtunity to be the unpaid model :D
well oppurtunity knocks but once, i always remember that
so, for releasing our pressure that had stucked in our head
we did act like crazy, mouth open, rolling eyes, tongue out and etc etc
the pictures really looks fun and nice :D
i like this pic a LOT!
oh and to Nadia Fitrin, Nasuha Husna, Muneeba Ubaidi and Afiqah Osman
Take care ok when in KOREa
By the way, i'm off to English camp for 3 days :D


Hello August!

yesterday, on 31 st of July, we were the spectators for Piala Perdana Menteri Debate/Debat at PICC
and congratulations to the winners, SAS and SDAR.
oh and thanks to Farah Waheeda for things that she did for me :D

in 3 days we're gonna sit for our exam, huh, we are seriously not in the mood -.-"