Dearest friend

when sun always give us the brightest light suddenly turns off
what should we do?

we can't see.
we can't feel.
we'll be frozen.

it is the same if, two of our friends walk away from our life
we've been in the same school, same world and have common in everything for 4 years
it is the most precious memories i could keep in my high school drama memory
i don't know why, i don't wanna cry but, i didn't realize, my heart did
scream and tell me to shed tears.
YES, i am crying when i'm writing this post,

To Najwa Syazwanie, you've been my brightest friend that always accompanied me when it was late night, i still remember your face when you scared of ghost and cats

To Nathrah Kamaruddin, you are my one and only person who share the same birthday ,
which mean, i'll be celebrating my birthday alone at school next year :(
i won't forget the most exciting birthday celebration during 2009!

i'm sorry because not being there to see your face for the last time,
i'm huffy, so easily, so i know
if i send you off, i'll be the number 1 person who will be crying out real loud!
dear 2 of you again, i can't do anything to stop you
i only can give supports, advices and smiles

if you read this post, this may come from my heart.
your smile.
your laugh.
your joke.
your dance.
your words.
your act.
your tears.
last but not least your friendship with me :)
FAREWELL my dear.

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