hell freezes over

the daily routine are really will be going as usual by tomorrow --__--"
waking up at really 10 minutes before bell
and having a sweaty morning before reaching to the BB court
and now, i think i'm used to it

this 2 weeks holiday i did spend a lots of time in front of computer
and did go out with mom
while thinking on coming back to school *mcm comeback stage je*
i am eager to see;
  • izzah, pipot, mijam : since they are the only one can lend their ear for my korean thingy
  • fawa: her red new braces *ching*
  • sarah & farhana: pick a fight with those bdk hingusan
  • naddy: nk show off homework yg dh siap
  • mariani & cypa: nk tnjuk skill baru (imitating)
  • aishah, nani & wafi: HAHA, nk tgk prkmbngn kebesaran lemakkk lemakkk
  • keon, arina, syakira: "selamat datang ke KLIA, DING DANG DONG!"

haha to ardilla thanks for promoting the websites HAHA

and yes today is the Super Show second tour at Malaysia
ah, i really envy to those who can attend the concert -,-"
if i was one of them, Super Junior will be in my dream for this 365 days ++
omooo ommmooo

just hope that dream will come true someday!

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