and here come the day

as we all know the Sport day passed just like we thought
Emerald came at the first place and the drama started when our ex-captain
Rozalia came to give support to all emeraldians
and tears started flowing, speechless and touching
thanks to all supporters that really gave us spirit to continue our day :)
there were too many obstacle for us, Eldaterra to handle many things on that day.
addition, it was raining HEAVILY starting around 3.00 AM until in the morning
it was really tough to those who handle in managing the tent
we tend to shivered because of the coldness in the morning
and the result, Emerald's tent came in the second place :)
Thanks to all, and the leader was Fatin Zuhra, congratulations.
and now let's talk about what's happening NOW
for 3 days, starting 9th Mac until 11th Mac
we are having our first mid-term examination
& i can see students are really into TEXT BOOKS!
but for me, i only manage to say "NO COMMENT"

we've done with our exam for today :)
tomorrow we go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
i'm just hoping to get on the stage for this exam!

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