can't stand with my bare foot
i called keon just now and ask her everythingg from a-z and again from z-a
she said that she was sitting at the rock-pit with her sister and
seriously the show was DAEBAKKKK!

especially when it came to "sorry-sorry", there's a lot of laser coming from no where
and the performance was seriously smarted!
and when it came to "marry you" all fans sing together by chanting "i do~"
also there was a song from f(x) - chu
and the bestest part was when Eeteuk cried on the stage
awww, that was really touching!
ahhh, they really here in Malaysiaaa
ever-lasting friend (ELF)


i just got a phone call from Aishah, she said that Keon was calling her while crying
and guess what the reason that make her tears falling down

ok, that's really make me ENVY
whoa, i want that kind of feeling
it is really once in a life time!

I'm sure 4 Intelek will hear the story from Najja
she's the one with the highest spirit amongst us

hell freezes over

the daily routine are really will be going as usual by tomorrow --__--"
waking up at really 10 minutes before bell
and having a sweaty morning before reaching to the BB court
and now, i think i'm used to it

this 2 weeks holiday i did spend a lots of time in front of computer
and did go out with mom
while thinking on coming back to school *mcm comeback stage je*
i am eager to see;
  • izzah, pipot, mijam : since they are the only one can lend their ear for my korean thingy
  • fawa: her red new braces *ching*
  • sarah & farhana: pick a fight with those bdk hingusan
  • naddy: nk show off homework yg dh siap
  • mariani & cypa: nk tnjuk skill baru (imitating)
  • aishah, nani & wafi: HAHA, nk tgk prkmbngn kebesaran lemakkk lemakkk
  • keon, arina, syakira: "selamat datang ke KLIA, DING DANG DONG!"

haha to ardilla thanks for promoting the websites HAHA

and yes today is the Super Show second tour at Malaysia
ah, i really envy to those who can attend the concert -,-"
if i was one of them, Super Junior will be in my dream for this 365 days ++
omooo ommmooo

just hope that dream will come true someday!


and here come the day

as we all know the Sport day passed just like we thought
Emerald came at the first place and the drama started when our ex-captain
Rozalia came to give support to all emeraldians
and tears started flowing, speechless and touching
thanks to all supporters that really gave us spirit to continue our day :)
there were too many obstacle for us, Eldaterra to handle many things on that day.
addition, it was raining HEAVILY starting around 3.00 AM until in the morning
it was really tough to those who handle in managing the tent
we tend to shivered because of the coldness in the morning
and the result, Emerald's tent came in the second place :)
Thanks to all, and the leader was Fatin Zuhra, congratulations.
and now let's talk about what's happening NOW
for 3 days, starting 9th Mac until 11th Mac
we are having our first mid-term examination
& i can see students are really into TEXT BOOKS!
but for me, i only manage to say "NO COMMENT"

we've done with our exam for today :)
tomorrow we go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
i'm just hoping to get on the stage for this exam!