a healthy lifestyle :)

hei hei people, i've been awayyyyyyyyyyyyy for quite a longggggg time
hahaaaa, & now i got some time to update a little bit informations
want to have a healthy lifestyle but you don't know how?
let's start!

no matter how tired we are, the healthy person wakes up at 6 every morning.
it's good for us to keep our wake up time constant even if his sleeping hours vary.

the healthy person stretches out his/her back immediately.
they can feel very refreshed after stretching for even just three minutes.

afterwards, the healthy person pours himself a cup of water and drinks it slowly
the water is good for the stomach because it neutralizes the stomach acid.

before breakfast, the healthy person begins doing a quick morning exercise.
if the conditions don't allow that, just do at least stretch inside the room.
never skips breakfast.that's because if we do, we may eat too much during lunch.

eat lunch at a regular time and never let ourselves eat too much
when we gets tired and thirsty from moving too much, we should take plain water instead of juice

no matter what, the healthy person always thinks positively and lives positively.
that's because it's important for both mental and physical health.
even if it's not much, laugh loudly three times a day (?)

laughing loudly once is equivalent - doing 25 sit ups
laughing our head off once for 15 seconds is equivalent - running hard for 100m
laughing until our mouth stretches from ear-ear for 1 min is equivalent - jump-roping for 10 mins

no matter the healthy person has something to say, or is frustrated by something

he doesn't keep it in, but talks it out.
even when one meets someone who is not understanding, one never gets angry,
and keeps a positive minds by laughing loudly, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

haha, and so practice it by yourself :)
and these tips were from MBLAQ at youtube.
haha *working hard* --__--""

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