the cupcakes

as you all know, i celebrated my birthday at school with friends
but since yesterday, we have our 2 days and 1 night at cousin's place at Bukit Antarabangsa, and today, makcik made us a plain cupcakes which mean at last the decorations were all ours!
HAHA, eventhough we (me,moksu,caca,ibu & qila) are all know ZERO about cakes/cupcakes/decorations

but finally we managed to make a brilliant and fantastic drawing on the cupcakes.
oh and until today we knew moksu's talent on decorating the cupcakes, HAHA
mom also bought me two crocs, also a selendang :)
for now on, i'll be wearing selendang, no more hijab :)

hua, for the first time for this month i am at home!
feel good!
i will be staying here for 10 days in conjunction of Chinese New Year.
PS:// pictures coming soon, maaf -_-"

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