all invited :)

after all the long silennntttttt, Sekolah Seri Puteri are cominggg with their greatest effort onnnn...

dude! the biggest event are hereeeeeeeeeeeee!
ladies and gentlemen are all invited to
in conjunction of Sports Day 2010
fun and enjoying moments will be promised
your attendance, we will warmly welcomed :)
want to know, when, where what etc etc etc?

Place: Astaka of Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya
Date: On this 6th Mac, Saturday
Time: As soon as you wake up :)

guys and girls, be ready for the chaos
the marchers and the girls with pom pom are all ready to be watched
expecting the best for this coming Saturday.


the journeyyyy

today, we went to the Mines Wonderland, we went there just to have a breakfast, but before that we headed to the Reject Shop to find some new clothes.
at first I saw a mini jacket with a hood, and I want that things, but mom said we have to but
a nice T-Shirt =.="

and yes, we chose a plain white T's and the cost is around RM50
but after trying 2 T-shirts, and already paid one, mom suddenly gave me a purple long sleeves T-shirt, and yes the price was much cheaper than the first and second shirt.
after dealing with the cashier, we managed to change the T-shirt but one condition was, to but thing that will cost exactly RM49.90, fortunately mom saw a nice purple selendang, and with that the problem solved :)

after that we headed to The Chicken Rice Shop, before we managed to get the sit, mom looked at the menu and claimed that the price was too high and because of that we ended having our breakfast at KFC :)
after that, we took LRT and Monorel to go to Nabil's house at Bukit Antarabangsa.

*at Nabil's
Paklong came to fetch opah and all of us gather at the front of Nabil's house
which suddenly Makcik pointed at the white car and said "tu kereta Fizo"
at first i asked "sape Fizo?"
and Nabil replied "Fizo 'Bionik'"
"haha, xtgk cerita melayu, maaflah", *smirk*
after opah & paklong's family gone to Kelantan,
we went back to the house, and we talked about Fizo etc etc etc
and after fetching Aqilah from her school, at 7.00pm
nabil, aqilah and i went to Giant to buy some chikedes :)
on our way, a white car passed by which made aqilah shouted "K.maria kereta Fizo!!"
and i replied "xyah bongaaaaakk"
aqilah said, "betullahhh tu num dia, -- ---"
and i just like "HUH?"
right after that we chased the car while screaming "ah, FIZO cepat2"
AHHAHAHA, and made nabil complaining to us --__--"
*nak tumpang!
haha, after we went to the Giant, aqilah asked me repeated question "mana Fizo?" hahhaha

and at 8.00pm we went back also by monorel and LRT which i met a korean guy i think,
HAHA, and on our way to home there's a ringtone played MBLAQ's song - Oh YEAH!

that's the journey for today that i've enjoyed before going to school this Sundayy :))))))



today around 12 o'clock we went to the mid valley megamall by LRT
HAHA, and we arrived around 1.30PM and we went straight to the cinema and decided to watch
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
it was really a great movie, the movie is likely to be like Harry Potter's
half god + half human = HERO

today was an exhausted day! yesterday i've slept around 2.00PM and i still haven't got any sleep yet
but the best-est part today was watching Invincible Youth! --__--" ah-ha~
HAHA, i'm so happy that we've made in time around 6.15PM and straightly i took a bath and performed Asar prayer.
can't wait to watch Let's Go! Dream Team tomorrow!


a healthy lifestyle :)

hei hei people, i've been awayyyyyyyyyyyyy for quite a longggggg time
hahaaaa, & now i got some time to update a little bit informations
want to have a healthy lifestyle but you don't know how?
let's start!

no matter how tired we are, the healthy person wakes up at 6 every morning.
it's good for us to keep our wake up time constant even if his sleeping hours vary.

the healthy person stretches out his/her back immediately.
they can feel very refreshed after stretching for even just three minutes.

afterwards, the healthy person pours himself a cup of water and drinks it slowly
the water is good for the stomach because it neutralizes the stomach acid.

before breakfast, the healthy person begins doing a quick morning exercise.
if the conditions don't allow that, just do at least stretch inside the room.
never skips breakfast.that's because if we do, we may eat too much during lunch.

eat lunch at a regular time and never let ourselves eat too much
when we gets tired and thirsty from moving too much, we should take plain water instead of juice

no matter what, the healthy person always thinks positively and lives positively.
that's because it's important for both mental and physical health.
even if it's not much, laugh loudly three times a day (?)

laughing loudly once is equivalent - doing 25 sit ups
laughing our head off once for 15 seconds is equivalent - running hard for 100m
laughing until our mouth stretches from ear-ear for 1 min is equivalent - jump-roping for 10 mins

no matter the healthy person has something to say, or is frustrated by something

he doesn't keep it in, but talks it out.
even when one meets someone who is not understanding, one never gets angry,
and keeps a positive minds by laughing loudly, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

haha, and so practice it by yourself :)
and these tips were from MBLAQ at youtube.
haha *working hard* --__--""


i've been hospitalized

how are you?
lately i'm doing GREAT

picture above? haha, don't worry, it is just an appendix :)
i've been hospitalized from Monday 15 Feb - Tuesday 17 Feb
thanks to all people who shows their concern towards me :)
HAHA, but i'll be at school on 28th FEB!


the cupcakes

as you all know, i celebrated my birthday at school with friends
but since yesterday, we have our 2 days and 1 night at cousin's place at Bukit Antarabangsa, and today, makcik made us a plain cupcakes which mean at last the decorations were all ours!
HAHA, eventhough we (me,moksu,caca,ibu & qila) are all know ZERO about cakes/cupcakes/decorations

but finally we managed to make a brilliant and fantastic drawing on the cupcakes.
oh and until today we knew moksu's talent on decorating the cupcakes, HAHA
mom also bought me two crocs, also a selendang :)
for now on, i'll be wearing selendang, no more hijab :)

hua, for the first time for this month i am at home!
feel good!
i will be staying here for 10 days in conjunction of Chinese New Year.
PS:// pictures coming soon, maaf -_-"


8th of February :)

alhamdulillah, i've turned 16 safely for the year of 2010
i received many wishes, kisses, cards, cakes, cupcakes and teddy bearssss
i admit that the celebration on this year was a big different from past years
being a person wih many responsibilitis really teach me to be more matured :) HAHA

(aishah, hanani, wafi, fawa, arina, syakira, aainaa, tara, sarah, mone, nadhirah, izzah, anis, lya, dayout, wanie, fatimah nadiah)

aishah, hanani and wahidah really make me touched that night by giving me cupcakes with writing on it
thanks a lot peeps!
nadhirah gave me a necklace with the 'M' sign
thankssssssssssss :)
FAWA gave me her braces's kisses, HAHA
fatimah nadiah said "k.maria (-__-") Happy birthday, appreciate sikit sbb aku escape meeting smata-mata kau"
aww, isn't all this SWEET? Thanks again PEEPS! you are the champion of my hearts
and not to forget the F2 members of Lily 1
they threw me a surprise party by giving me a chocalate cake with writing on it
HAHA, and received a lot of colourful notes and cardsssss :)
thanks guys *the good side of being junior's dormleader*

i shared the greatest moment with all my friends and also
Nathrah, on my birthday
in this 2010, i received a lots of love from family and friends *grateful*
and also the next day, 9th February was Sarah Aqilah's
namanya: budak selekeh
and today, the 10th of February
4Intelek received a big chocolate cakes with writing on it
4 Intelek Girls - February
Cikgu Ridzuan
gahaha, isn't that the special gift ever?
HAHA, thanks cikgu :)
oh, not to forget, i did some wishes on that night before i went to sleep :)
on my birthday, i prayed to Allah:
make my family, teachers and friends to be healthy for this 2010,
and i hope that my academic will be much better:)
and also, i wish that someday, i will be a respected person
the name of "maria syafiqah" will someday to be well-known.
ps://2days to go for Chinesse New Yeah!
maria syafiqah
10th of February
*pictures? coming soon :)*