the day i act peculiar *__*

i am currently watching Spongebob Squarepants, HAHA
i woke up around 9.00++am, and i slept around 11.30pm
doesn't it similar with the schedule at school? (except the time i woke up)
well, i have to get used with it, or else, i will be having difficulty at school
as if i am having a jet light -____-" almost 24/7 i took a nap whenever i have time
nadhirah penat suruh bangun :) HAHA
am i tired? HAHA, i don't think so :)

i just checked my email just now, and i'm truly happy because i've received email from my friend from Korea :)
we have been contacting to each other since last year :)
we always exchange our pictures :)
on last Christmas, she sent me her picture playing with the snow,
by looking at the pictures, i knew that she was having fun with her friends and the snow

believe it or not, she acknowledged about our school, she acknowledged our culture
& that make me even easier to talk to her
i've taught her some English lessons when she wanted to take her final exam
fortunately, she made it and didn't have to repeat the test :)
this year she is 18 years old.

and today, i'll be back to school :'(
and the 'daily routine' will be started just in hours!

oh, yesterday, i had my new haircut :)
same style
same looks
syakira and arina also have their new haircut
can't wait to see them :D

ps: i want to go to the SUPER SHOW :'(

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