woot woot

the 'rongak' girl
she showed me her two teeth kt webcam *xsnonoh

by the way, to the fans of Boys Over Flower
this drama will be on-aired at 8tv next week on Wednesday
Weekdays at 8.30-9.30
yay, i want to watch that all over again :D

haha, spe xminat korea dlm Eldaterra
xde spe haha, *clapclap
at least lh, msti ada sikit lah

it was sunny day during preparation class
all form 3 students gathered at the back of the class, especially
at 3 Tekun, 3 Intelek and 3 Usaha
these classes had 1 big tv plasma connected to the computer
and seriously the first korean band that we had ever discovered
was Wondergirls - Nobody
and guess what, we even practiced the steps :)
hahaaaaa, honestly, i know ZERO about Korea
& same goes to others

but, i don't know when and how, the interest in Korea had been spread
'globally' in Eldaterra
trust me, each person had their own hero in each group
and the second korean band that we knew was Super Junior
and of course with their song - Sorry sorry
haha, i remembered, at that time all about korean bands were situated at our mind
but believe me, when all of us keep thinking about them
i mean during whole 2009, the spirit in studying was increased

but, when we were at one point
i mean in the middle of the year and yes, the PMR was coming real soon
we started to scare
some of us had to 'puasa korea'
some of us even made a diary, a real sad one
and some of us tried real hard to hold their words about korea

hahaa, yes, we were in pain at that time,
haha, rindu lah katakan
tapi yg xboleh blah uh
1 week before trial, boleh ktekan ramai tgk BOF mse cuti
and guess what, we kept it as a secret of our own
because all of us thought
"mesti aku sorang je habiskn mse tgk cite Korea, dorang study je, nyesalnye"
but one day, it was revealed :D
when we studied at Galeri Koko
kan ada tmpt terbuka kan
syakira & i looked at the sky and i asked syakira
maria: nmpk x bulan & bntang?
syakira: nmpak, knapa?
maria: bulan uh Junpyo, bintang uh Jandi
syakira: hhahahah, kau tgk jgk ke? blabklablablbal
and suddenly syira dtg
syira: korang tgk gak ke? igtkn aku sorng je, weh korang igt x...blablbalbla

and we spent mostly the whole preparations class just to talk about BOF
haha, but we were not regretting it, because when we talked about it
perasaan berbunga bunga tau x?
and after tu, spirit gila nk study
sbb apa?
i think mostly Eldaterra fikir mcm ni

"mesti belajar nk mati after PMR siap lahhh, aku nk tgk etc etc etc etc"
and yes, it is true, we even made a list 'must watch' a week before PMR

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