the UPs and DOWNs

the day that we've waited for so long *yea I think so
and it will really coming very soon
hell no! today is already 21st December
how can I describe my real feeling now
I've dreamt THINGS that I supposedly SHOULDN'T - for all PMR candidates
and that really freaking me out!
but at this moment, what can I do is just praying to God and just accept whatever the result
and the most important thing is think positive
yeah, that is what we supposed to do from the beginning
it is really-really undescribable

and today, all Super Junior's fans had been shocked by Hankyung's termination of his contract with SM entertainment
i am really sure that all ELF are now praying for the good things
haha, so do I
oh, by the way, I've visited Heechul's and Kyuhyun's Cyworld
in theirs Cyworld, they ARE really expressing their feeling towards the shocking news
just by viewing the fans' comment, really touched T_T

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