she broke her promise!

nah, ambk kau
NAME : noor arina inani bt sabri
AGE: 15 years old
HER WRONG DOING : *i'll tell you later

yesterday, i was stayed-up late at night again
and this time my partner didn't make herself available in YM and so
the cloud outside was getting darker
the worst part was when syakira did something that made me having a goosebumps
she sent me a link that when we clicked on it, THE GHOST APPEARED AND SCREAMED LOUDLY! bodo, aku mnjerit mcm nk mmpus kat dpn comp :l

oh, arina! so, the story started when i saw only arina inani and aainaa mokhti online on YM
and so, i told them to tell me if they were about to offline
and yeah, those people agreed and wrote *sweet messages*
like: " ah, ye ye aku janji, aku kan baik", "oh, ok aku kan blablabla and bla"
etc etc etc
and guess what?? NOOR ARINA INANI didn't tell me that she wanted to go to sleep
and i was like "nak kene bdk ni", and i did sent those bashing comments to her :D
hahaaaa, serve you right!
spe soh mungkir janji


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